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Sensory Products Information

We hope this page will be helpful as we have set out what each piece of equipment will aid or help with in a sensory room and in a sensory gym.

Sensory Rooms
Sensory Gyms

The Basics of a Sensory Gym Environment

Sensory Gyms are to help people who have sensory integration dysfunction , sensory integration disorder or any other condition where sensory integration is a problem.

The equipment  can be used by a parent or therapist who have been trained in the techniques  that are used to aid in sensory integration.

We will during 2011 start up courses for parents who wish to learn how they could help their loved one at home.

What equipment might be involved in a therapy session and what benefit it serves ?

Tactile:  system may need ‘waking up

helps to develop emotional development, motor planning, sequencing, organisation, the types of equipment that could be used are:

light touching,

furry tunnel,



feather duster

system may need ‘calming down

deep pressure,

wrapping up tight.

weighted blankets

therapy balls

therapy mats

Proprioceptive ' posture and awareness of body parts '

helps with alignment of body parts,modulation of mid range

precision of movement, self image of the body, knowledge of position in space.

To develop posture and give sensory input regarding a certain body part you may use

Weights on the wrist and or ankles


swings (tyre and hammock)


tyre tunnels

Vestibular system.

helps with mastering gravity,body movements through space, enables stable visual field and bilateral coordination. This system works closely with the proprioceptive system.

Slow rhythmical vestibular stimulation has a calming effect and faster vestibular stimulation has a facilitating [excite] effect. It is used in therapy for its influence in stimulating the brain to organise itself. types of equipment that could be used are:

scooter boards

wobble board


spinning boards

All of this equipment is available in the sensory products uk web site shop.

The Basics of a Sensory Room Environment

A typical multi-sensory room in a school or rest bite centre would incorporate these examples and more to cater for a very wide range of specific needs. If we are building an individual room for someone we would just use equipment that would aid with that person/s to communication and sensory stimulation.

Bubble tubes

Fibre optics

Mirror balls

Other lighting Effects

Padded walls and floors

Projection equipment

Spot lights and colour wheel

Sound to produce music, vibration and other effects

Textured surfaces to project on and touch

How does specific equipment aid or help someone and in what areas?

Projection Equipment helps with creating themed atmospheres, development of cause and effect skills, encouraging hand and eye co-ordination, develops tracking skills, encouraging colour matching, aids communication skills, word and letter association activities.

Projection equipment:

Oil Wheel projectors and space projector

Wheel and Cassette rotators (various speeds available)

Effects Wheels and Cassettes (along with instructions on how

to make your own)

Variety of lenses for different effects around a room

Bubble Tubes

Bubble Tubes helps with cause and effect skills, visual stimulation, aids tracking skills, colour sequencing for colour matching, vibration, movement through bubble rate and themed activities.

Polycarbonate bubble tubes from 1 meter to ceiling height.

Density objects like Balls and Beads (can be put in some of our bubble tubes)

Switch Controllers to change bubble flow rate and colour

Portable Bubble tubes

Bubble walls these can be from 1 meter x 1 meter to full wall

height and wall wide

Bubble Domes

Travelling Bubble pipe (can be placed around the wall allowing for horizontal tracking and movement)

Fibre Optics

Fibre optics help with grouping, tracking skills, colour matching, fine motor skills, emersion activities, tactile work.  Because they are safe to work with people love holding them and playing with them, rapping them around there hands etc.

Fibre Optic hair (long strands up to 96 strands and up to 3

metres in length)

Fibre Optic curtains

Fibre Optic walls, ceiling's and carpets

Fibre Optic boxes

Ultra Violet Lighting

Ultra violet lighting helps with grouping, tracking skills, colour matching as you can make objects glow in the dark; it can also help with cause and effect skills, encourages hand and eye co-ordination

Ultra Violet Fibre Optics

Glow Walls

Glow Floors

Side Glows

A vast array of objects that glow

Other Lighting Systems

There are lots of different lighting systems, spot lights directed at a disco ball, will help with tracking, cause and effect, Rainbow lights, light chasing tubes, individual spots for colour matching. A starry sky ceiling can relax allowing the body and brain to relax after sensory overload

Disco balls (Half and full globe)

Rope lights

Individual spot lights

Starry sky

A vast array of objects that glow

Other interactive equipment

Phosphorus wall paper can be great fun when you make a shape, turn on a bright light for a second then off and see the result, very good cause and effect equipment.

Phosphorus wall paper panel

Textured wall board, very good for tactile response

Music systems

Speakers in boxes

Mp3 players and speakers

Pa systems

Vibrating wall panels and floors

And much more


Allow communication in a variety of different ways as well as helping to make the person, feel they are a part of an activity, aids in turn taking, colour matching, cause and effect, hand and eye coordination, freedom to make choices, be in control and many other empowerment games.

Shaped buttons, square, round triangle, hexagon etc.

Interchangeable switch system

Low profile switches

Dome button switch

Remote switches (Carry around like remote control)

Hand held dome switch

Sound Switch

Movement Switch

Touch Stick Switch

Hopefully this will help give a basic understanding why sensory rooms are so important to help people communicate. There is sometimes a cross over with sensory gyms. To gain a better understanding of a sensory gym please read about them.